• Emmazing

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    "Emmazing" is a deep, beautiful purple with just a hint of shimmer.  It was picked and named by Emma Basting.  Emma's story is below:

    Emma is only four years old but has been through so much! In December 2017 at the age of two, she started losing strength in her legs. She was brought to her pediatrician who immediately sent her for an MRI which found a tumor wrapping her thoracic spine.

    That same evening, she was flown 300 miles from her home to Minneapolis, MN, diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, and started chemotherapy that same evening. In under two weeks she became fully paralyzed from the chest down and her neuroblastoma was reclassified from intermediate to high risk which was a hard pill to swallow because instead of a few months of chemotherapy, this meant five rounds of chemo, multiple surgeries, a stem cell transplant, 20 rounds of radiation, and six cycles of immunotherapy, all taking 17 months.

    Some of these treatments were so hard on her. There were days she would vomit 30 plus times, even overnight so she could not sleep. Her stem cell transplant caused her skin to burn off and since her platelets were down to almost none, she would bleed from everywhere possible. There were multiple times she needed to be intubated since she could not breathe on her own. During immunotherapy her blood pressure dropped so low that hospital staff couldn’t get a blood pressure reading on her.

    Emma completed her treatments in April of 2019 and was finally “ALL DONE” (her favorite words to use in the hospital)! Her end of treatment scans finally told us no evidence of metastatic disease and fast forward to today she has continued to get the same news from every set of follow-up scans.

    This past year has been a challenging but amazing year for our family and Emma. Emma doesn’t eat by mouth and remains 100% fed through a g-tube. She has profound hearing loss so has a difficult time holding conversations with those that don’t know her well, but she is working with speech and her hearing aids to hopefully improve her communication. She often times becomes hypoglycemic which is very dangerous, so she must be closely monitored by us, we can’t really trust anyone else to know her signs and that at times she needs an immediate boost. And because of her paralysis, a simple cold can put her into pediatric ICU, so isolating is really nothing new to her. We know that all of this is very harsh, but this is the reality of pediatric cancer. And the sad part is that many kids see even worse.

    With all that said, get Emma up in her wheelchair or powerchair and she can do anything. To see her have fun, play with her little brother, and smile, means so much to us because despite everything she has been through she is still Emma and still smiles and laughs every single day. Emma is the bravest and happiest person we’ve ever met.

    Pair with our base/top coat, Hebrews 11:1, for extended wear. 

    Made in the U.S.A. and free of Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, and Camphor. All polishes are .47 fl oz. For external use only.

    All net proceeds go Emma's family. Therefore, we appreciate your understanding that we are unable to provide refunds or exchanges.