• Rising Star


    Makayla is one of our 2017 fall honorees.  She picked a beautiful burgundy/maroon kolor she personally named "Rising Star."  Read her story below to see why she named it this!  

    Pair Rising Star with Hebrews 11:1 to extend the wear!! Made in the U.S.A. and free of Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, and Camphor. All polishes are .47 fl oz. For external use only.  

    All net proceeds go to Makayla and her family. Therefore, we appreciate your understanding that we are unable to provide refunds or exchanges. 

    Read Makayla's Story, in her own words: 

    My Name is Makayla Claflin and I was diagnosed with Leukemia on August 18,2016

    Before I was diagnosed I noticed my left eye was really swollen and I got it looked at and my pediatrician said that we should get a CT scan. The scan showed what was originally thought a type of sinus infection. So they gave me a antibiotic. A week into taking the antibiotic I started to get headaches, muscle pain, back pain, tiredness and fevers. We thought that I shouldn’t be feeling like this a week into my antibiotic so we went back to the pediatrician and they decided to admit me to University Hospitals of Cleveland. The first couple things they did was get details of what’s going on and they drew blood.

    The next day we went to get food from the cafeteria and went into the gift shop and when we where back into the room they pulled my parents aside and I was moved into another room. I was wondering what was going on because they were in the room for a while. When they came back they didn’t really tell me what was going on so I kinda figured something was going on. A few minutes later more doctors and nurses kept coming in and hooked me up to an IV. Later that night we were moved to another room and we stayed there for a while. It was a couple days before my parents told me that I had cancer. After they did we started treatment and I had surgery to get my Mediport that week.

    It was around 30 days before we went home and after we did the entire neighborhood welcomed me Home. Later on I started a new stage of treatment and it was called Consolidation. If really rough. We had to go to the hospital once a week on Monday’s for blood counts, check ups and/or treatment. There was a lot of heavy chemo drugs and staying home and not really doing much of anything outside of Home. This was one of the first times when I lost my hair. 

    The next stage of treatment was interumaintence 1. It was a little bit easier than the previous stage but every week I had to make blood requirements and if I did I was admitted for a heavy dose of chemo. I couldn’t go home until I got the chemo out of my system. Once I went home if my blood counts were good I could shop or do a few things outside of Home but not a lot of things. While I was admitted in the hospital I met a few people who are going through treatment just like me! I am pretty close to one of them and we talk pretty much every week! 

    The next stage was another really hard stage of treatment. It was called Delayed Intensification. I usually felt nauseous and tired during the heavy chemo. So I mainly stayed home talking to friends on my phone. The chemo was really rough and unfortunately caused my hair to fall ou again. Towards the end of that stage it started to get a bit lighter.

    The next stage of treatment was called Interumaintence 2. From the doctors perspective it was supposed to be a lot lighter stage but for me it wasn’t. I was constantly in the hospital with fevers and staying days to weeks with low counts and an antibiotic. The main reason it happened was because I was sensitive to one of the chemos. 

    Eventually after that I was in the last and final stage of treatment that I am currently in right now Maintenance! This stage I go in once a month and I get one light chemo and take the rest orally at home. In this stage I am able to do a lot of things like going back to school, getting out of the house, doing activities, sports and much more! Because of at the beginning of my diagnosis I had a swollen left eye I had to have radiation for two weeks. After radiation I was tired and I lost my hair for the third time. I also stayed home from school for two weeks.  Currently now I am doing really good and I am celebrating one year of remission. My end date of treatment is currently December 2019! 

    This is my story, 

    Makayla Claflin

    My nail polish name is Rising star and the nail polish color is red! I called it that because I have been through a lot during treatment and I fought hard through all of those stages!