Kylie's Kolors Mission

We are a faith based company whose mission is to honor the life and legacy of a precious two year old little girl named Kylie. Kylie bravely battled Stage IV, high-risk, Neuroblastoma for 13 months before gaining her angel wings. With every bottle of polish Kylie's Kolors sells, we honor her life as well as the life of other children battling  cancer while bringing awareness to childhood cancer.

We take nominations twice a year for children to honor.  We allow our honorees, or their families, to pick their polish kolor and name it.  When we sell their polish, 100% of the net proceeds go to the children/families we honor.  We honor both girls and boys, both warriors and angels. 

 The work done at Kylie's Kolors is all done by volunteers.  My friends, nor my family, financially benefit from Kylie's Kolors. 

The Beginning

I instantly fell in love with Kylie after running across her story on Instagram.  As a mother of two, including a two year old daughter, the reality of Kylie’s situation really hit home for me.  I felt guilty for complaining and worrying about insignificant things.  I realized just how often  I take things for granted.  It really put life in perspective. 

The idea of creating a nail polish line for Kylie came to me after seeing numerous posts of Kylie with her precious little nails or toes painted.  It represented what little girls should be doing, painting their nails, rather than fighting cancer.  It was a glimpse of innocence that had been stolen by this awful and unfair disease.  I knew I wanted the polish to represent everything Kylie and her family stood for so it was very important that Bree pick the colors and names for what is now Kylie’s Kolors. 

Bree and Luke, I know it’s often hard to see the blessing in all of this when you face such unimaginable circumstances.  However, so many lives have been touched, inspired and changed because of your family’s faith, courage, strength and unwavering love.  You make me want to be a better mom, wife and friend.  While I have loved the Lord for as long as I can remember, I witnessed through you what true trust and surrender looked like. Our daily prayer is that Kylie is healed and you all can return to San Diego to live happily ever after.  Thank you for sharing Kylie with all of us and for agreeing to allow me and my family to do this for you.  I believe I speak for all those who love Kylie, you and your family have given us far more than we could ever give to you. 

Kylie, you are the bravest and strongest little girl I know.  We all believe in you and believe that God has just begun to use you to impact this world. 

To all of my sweet friends and family that helped make this idea become a reality, thank you!!  Thank you so very much!!

To all of you who love Kylie as your own I hope you wear Kylie’s Kolors with pride and remember to pray for her and all of the other precious children who are battling this terrible disease.

Love, Kelly and Richie