• Madeline's Mission

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    “Madeline’s Mission” is an elegant peachy-pink, and honors the most beautiful girl, Madeline-Grace King. Madeline’s story, as told by her mom, is below.

    Madeline is the 17 year old daughter of Owen and Beth King. Madeline was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer July 8, 2019. The cancer surgery took place at Blair E. Batson but she is now a patient at MD Anderson. We recently found out that the radioactive iodine didn’t get rid of the residual cancer. Madeline underwent some studies because with her cancer her body has been throwing blood clots. In January 2020 Madeline had a blood clot, active bleed, and hematoma in the femoral nerve that left her paralyzed. Once the results came back from the genetic testing we found out that she has BRAFF mutation which means her body is resistant to chemo, radiation, and radioactive iodine. Madeline is scheduled to have a thyroidectomy possibly in September depending on how her airway is. The endocrinologist at MD Anderson is wanting to wait as long as he can because the thyroidectomy will be permanent. The cancer is wrapped around her vocal cords. The surgeon at Batson thought when she did the surgery, she’d need a thyroidectomy then but she was going to do everything possible to get the cancer. Ten hours later the surgery was completed the surgeon said the residual cancer will be gotten by the radioactive iodine. Now we know why her cancer has grown. Madeline will go through a clinical trial where the cancer spots in her chest, lungs, and lymph nodes will be targeted; so hopefully they will not mutate. She will then take a pill if this pill shows the cancer is decreasing in size she will remain on this study but if not, they will stop it. Even though she’s been fighting for two years Madeline was still able to graduate with her class and with highest honors. She pushes herself in everything she does. Madeline has started an organization called Madeline’s Missions she has donated radio flyer wagons and walkers to Batson. Her heart is as big as that beautiful smile. She loves the Lord. Her goal in life is to become a doctor and go into the mission field. She lights up the kids’ room when she walks in their rooms at Batson.

    Pair with our base/top coat, Hebrews 11:1, for extended wear.

    Made in the U.S.A. and free of Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, and Camphor. All polishes are .47 fl oz. For external use only.

    All net proceeds go to Madeline and her family. Therefore, we appreciate your understanding that we are unable to provide refunds or exchanges.