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    Do you like amethysts and diamonds? Then you will love "Warrior Princess"!  Warrior Princess is the prettiest amethyst kolor with shimmer.  Perfect little girl kolor!!  It was picked and named by Blasa Wojan.  Her story is below:

    December 26th, 2014 our family was blessed with a beautiful Princess. She is the youngest of three and the only girl. She was born with so much personality she learned to walk at the age of 9 months. In September 2016 at 21 months we noticed there was something wrong after two doctor visits and nothing found she stopped walking. Had one more doctor visit and 2 ER visits. She was transferred to a children's hospital, after a few days there she was sent in for an MRI and they found tumors on her lower spine then it was followed with a CT scan and they found nodules on her lungs. A biopsy was done, and she was diagnosed with Cancer stage-four Osteosarcoma. She began intense chemo and steroids. In December of 2016 she was referred to UCD for ortho with possibility of surgery to remove the tumors. We were told there could not be surgery due to the location of the tumors. We continued chemo and tumors shrunk and she began to walk again the lung nodules disappeared. But oncologist kept telling us survival rate was low because tumors would need to be removed. May 2017 we were referred to Stanford for radiology in hopes that would be the next best thing from surgery. After doctors reviewed her case, we were told that she was not a candidate for the radiation that they could provide for her there. Her oncologists decided to send her case to San Diego in August 2017 where her biopsy was retested and 11 months into intense chemo for Osteosarcoma, it was discovered that she had been misdiagnosed. Now they were calling her cancer diagnosis Germ Cell tumor. After a couple of weeks of no chemo a PET scan MRI CT scan September 2017 she was NED. 3 of 5 chemos she received would have been part of the protocol for germ cell tumor.

    The first year off treatment she would get her blood drawn once a month and scans every 3 months. Second year off of treatment she got her blood drawn every 3 months and scans every 6 months. In September of 2019 they moved her appointment and her blood work to once a year and NO more scans. September 2020 marked 3 years off of treatment and blood work was still in the normal range.

    Through this all she's kept her smile and her dancing shoes on. She's our Warrior Princess.

    Pair with our base/top coat, Hebrews 11:1, for extended wear. 

    Made in the U.S.A. and free of Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, and Camphor. All polishes are .47 fl oz. For external use only.

    All net proceeds go to Blasa and her family. Therefore, we appreciate your understanding that we are unable to provide refunds or exchanges.